QL-Series Operator Controls (click here for standard keypad)

 LCD Control Panel

The optional LCD control panel has buttons for the power on/off and media feed functions just as in the standard control panel.  In addition, it has two keys, which allow easy navigation and selection of menu options affecting many printer functions.

The “Scroll” button allows scrolling through the various options and settings.  The “Select” button allows selection of the option or function displayed on the screen.

The top of the screen has a row of status icons, which indicate the state of various printer functions:

Indicates that the printer is associated with a wireless Local Area Network (LAN). This icon is functional only with QL 320N network printers.
A flashing icon indicates low battery status. You should suspend any printing operations and recharge or replace the battery Pack as soon as is convenient.
A flashing icon indicates that the media cover is open or not properly latched.
A flashing icon indicates that a file is being downloaded to the printer.
A flashing icon indicates that the printer does not detect any media.  This could indicate an out of media condition, or improperly loaded media.

In addition to the status icons, the LCD control panel can display many of the printer’s settings and functions as text.  Applications can be written to allow the user to view and /or modify these settings using the scroll and select keys on the display.  Refer to the “LCD Functions Table” on the following page for the full set of printer features that can be made available with the LCD panel.

The LCD has a backlighting option, which allows viewing of the screen in a dark environment, or provides better contrast in a very bright environment. Use of the display backlight will decrease the time the printer will run between charges.



Default Setting

Scroll & Select Options

Sensor Type Gap


Print Width Factory Set Value Increase (+120 dots max)
Decrease (-120 dots max)
Baud Rate 19200 9600
Data Bits 8 7
WLAN ID* Factory Set Value N/A
Label Top 000 Increase (+120 dots max)
Decrease (-120 dots max)
Left Position 000 Increase (+120 dots max)
Decrease (-120 dots max)
LCD Contrast 000 Increase
No-activity Timeout 60 sec 60 sec
5 min
10 min
30 min
Print Darkness 60 sec Increase (+10 max)
Decrease (-10 max)
Tear-off Position 00 Increase (+120 dots max)
Decrease (-120 dots max)
Media Type Label Label
LCD Backlight Off On
Momentary On w/time delay
Factory Reset
(Resets all to factory set values)
No No

*Some Parameters, such as WLAN ID number and non-standard no-activity time out values can be set using a PC running Zebra's Label Vista label creation program and a data cable link to the printer.