QL-Series Operator Controls (Click here for LCD Keypad)

Standard Keypad

The standard keypad has three control buttons and two multipurpose indicators.

The Power button turns the QL 320 on and off.

The Feed button advances a length of media, which is determined by the type of media being used. Label media will be advanced to the next gap or bar sense marker. Journal (plain) media will be advanced a length determined by the printer’s software.

The Function button is controlled by a printer’s specific application to support such functions as:

The green LED on the left side of the control panel indicates the status of several printer features:

Printers with a wireless QuickLink module installed:

A steadily lit yellow LED indicates an error condition. This can be caused by one of the following:

  1. The media cover is not completely closed and latched.

  2. The printer is out of media.