Currently there are a small number of EPL-2 based printers that can operate in either Line Mode or Page Mode.  The current models supporting Line Mode are LP/TLP2722, LP2824, LP2844 and LP2443. If the printer is in Line Mode you can only send EPL1 commands to it - not EPL2 commands.  If you want to print through a Windows driver, Create-a-Label or BAR-ONE 6.0 software, you will need to have the printer defaulted to Page Mode  This is the default setting.


Demonstrate the method for toggling printer between line and page mode.

Facts or Affected Items: 

LP/TLP2722, LP2824, LP2844 and LP2443


Firmware version 4.39. If the version used includes the RSS/Datamatrix barcode, Line mode will not be supported and this document will not apply.


Determining what mode the printer is currently in

To determine the current mode your printer is in, you need to print a configuration label.

  1. Turn printer power off.

  2. Press and hold the feed key, then turn power back on.

  3. After light flashes a couple times release your finger from the feed key.

  4. Wait for the calibration sequence to end and for the configuration label to print. 

  5. Press the feed key once.  

  6. Near the top of the configuration printout it will show Line Mode or Page Mode.


5. Press the FEED key to exit the DUMP mode.


Setting the printer to Line or Page Mode

To change the print mode to Line or Page (acts like a toggle switch) follow these steps.

  1. Turn printer power off.
  2. Press and hold the feed key, then turn power back on.
  3. When light starts to flash, release finger from feed key.
  4. When light starts to flash again, press and hold the feed key until the light turns red (or amber), then release finger from feed key.
  5. Wait for light to turn solid and press feed key once. 
  6. Check to make sure you are in the correct printer mode by printing a configuration label (Click here for configuration label example -  Note item C).

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Date Updated:  11/30/2004 04:27:27 PM