Title: Defaulting an EPL2 printer


^default command. How to default an EPL2 printer


Provide step by step instructions for defaulting the printer.

Facts or Affected Items: 

Firmware version 4.39 or higher


^default command added


The ^default command has been added to the EPL2 commands, starting in firmware version 4.39. This command will set the printer back to factory settings as long as the printer is in page mode. The command is not supported in line mode at this time. The command is case sensitive.

Syntax: ^default.

You can send the command to the printer via the parallel or serial port.


Open command prompt (DOS prompt) See windows instructions for details.

At the prompt type:

ECHO ^default>LPT1 <enter>


Assuming standard communications on the printer of Baud 9600, No parity, 8 bits, 1 stop bit and use of COM 1:

At the prompt type:

Mode Com1:9600,n,8,1 <enter>

ECHO ^default>COM1 <enter>

If the printer is not at the standard communications, run a configuration label to determine the settings, see link:


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Date Updated:  11/30/2004 04:16:21 PM