ZEBRA ZT200 Series Specifications

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Specifications are provided for reference and are based on printer tests using Zebra brand ribbons and labels. Results may vary in actual application settings or when using other than recommended Zebra supplies. Zebra recommends always qualifying any application with thorough testing.

ZT200 Standard Features

Physical Features

Optional Features

Factory Installed Printer Options

Connectivity Options (one per printer - all are factory or field installable)

Part #


P1037974-001  Internal ZebraNet Print Server 10/100 - enables the use of ZebraLink Webview and Alert features.
P1031031 External ZebraNet Print Server 10/100 Accessory Kit (ZebraLink Webview and Alert features are not available with this option).
P1000219 SEH PS105-Z External IPv6 Print Server


Part # Description
P1037974-003A ZebraNet Internal Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n radio USA & Canada
 P1037974-003B ZebraNet Internal Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n radio Japan
 P1037974-003C ZebraNet Internal Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n radio Rest of World



Printer Operation

Field Installed Printer Options

ZebraLink Solutions



ZPL II (and EPL II in V72.19.5Z) - Universal language for Zebra printers. Simplifies label formatting and enables format compatibility with existing systems that run Zebra printers.
o Web View -Connect and control Zebra bar code printers via the printer's Web interface using a common Web browser.
o Alert - Printers equipped with ZebraNet print servers provide alerts via any email-enabled, wired, or wireless device to minimize downtime.

Printing Specifications

 Parameter 203 dpi resolution
(8 dots/mm)
300 dpi resolution
(12 dots/mm)
Dot size (W x L): 0.0049" x 0.0049" (0.125mm x 0.125mm) 0.0033" x 0.0039" (0.084mm x 0.099mm)
Maximum continuous media print length 157"




Maximum print width 4.09" (104mm) 4.09" (104mm)
Programmable print speeds 2.0" (51mm) through 6" (152 mm) per second in 1" increments 2.0" (51mm) through 6" (152 mm) per second in 1" increments

Media Specifications

Gap and notch sensing standards:

Parameter Standard dimensions Metric dimensions
Inter-label gap 0.079" - 0.157", preferably 0.118" 2 - 4mm, preferably 3mm
Sensing notch*

(W x L)

0.25" x 0.12" 6mm x 3mm
Sensing hole* 0.125" diameter 3mm diameter

* Note: Notch & Hole Position centered from 0.15" to 2.25" from media inner edge

Black mark sensing standards:

Parameter Standard dimensions Metric dimensions
Black mark length

0.098" - 0.453" 2.5mm - 11.5mm
Black mark width > 0.37" > 9.5mm
Black mark location (within inside media edge) 0.040" 1mm

Ribbon Specifications (Thermal Transfer Option Only)

Standard Printer Fonts (ZPL firmware)

Font Matrices for 8 dot/mm (203 DPI) Print heads


Font Matrices for 12 dot/mm (300 DPI) Print heads


Bar Code Symbologies & Specifications

(ZPL Only)


Zebra Programming Language (ZPL/ZPL II)®

Communications Specifications


Electrical Specifications

Power Consumption

Model Inrush Current (Irms) Idle Power (Watts) Idle Power (VA) Print Power (Watts) Print Power (VA)
ZT230  (firmware Z72.19.5Z)
120V 60Hz
20.0 5.6 8.9 133.0 150.0
ZT230  (firmware Z72.19.5Z)
230V 50Hz
41.5 5.0 15.0 133.0 152.0


Physical Specifications

 Parameter ZT230 ZT220
Height: Closed 10.9 in (277mm)
Open 17.5 in
Closed 11.0 in (280mm)
Open 17.5 in 
Width: 9.5 in (242mm) 9.4 in (239mm)
Depth: 17 in (432mm) 17 in (432mm)
Weight: 20 lb (9.1 Kg) 17lb (7.8 Kg)
Shipping Weight: 25 lb (11.4 Kg) 22 lb (10 Kg)


Environmental Specifications

Preventative Maintenance
Zebra recommends cleaning the printer on a regular basis using standard Zebra printer parts and cleaning supplies. Consult your User's Guide for further details.