Title: Printing special characters in ZPL2


Methods of printing special characters in ZPL2 without installing a font pack.


Provide examples with explanations on printing special characters.

Facts or Affected Items: 

ZPL2 Printers, ^FH and ^CI commands, Code Page 850, ZPL2 Programmers Manual




There are several ways to print characters in the upper 128 range of Code Page 850. Below are a few examples.

These examples should print the lower case "a" with a circumflex: ()

^FH (Field Hex) allows you to send the hexadecimal value for any character in the Code Page 850 set. 

Format: ^FHa


a = hexadecimal indicator
Accepted Values: any characters except current format and control prefix (^ and ~ by default).
Default Value: _ (underscore) Typical values are _ or \



^CI (Change International Font) allows you to substitute characters from different character sets and  re-map characters from one code page with x.10 firmware or higher.

For X.8 or higher firmware using the ^CI command to change the character set to Latin 2:

Format: ^CIa


a = Desired Character Set



For X.10 or higher using ^CI command to substitute a character Hex value 131 for a character Hex value 97

Format: ^CIa,s1,d1,s2,d2,...


a = Desired Character Set
s1 = source 1 (character position to be remapped)
d1 = destination 1 (new position for the character referred to in s1)
s2 = source 2 (character position to be remapped)
d2 = destination 2 (new position for the character referred to in s1)
... = continuation of pattern (up to 156 source and destination pairs may be used).


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