Title: Programming Examples


Demonstrate Programming examples using various programming languages


Provide a single page with examples of code used in different programming languages to print to our ZPL printers

Facts or Affected Items: 

ZPL, various programming examples, various programming languages




The following links will lead to examples of ZPL used in different applications or programming languages. This list will be updated as new examples are documented.


Autoexec Example - Allows loading a form or command on power up

Character substitution - Allows printing of characters from different code pages

Code 128 General instructions - Description of the Code 128 command in ZPL2

Downloading Fonts  -  Instructions for downloading windows fonts to the printer

Concatenation (^FT) - Concatenation: to link together in a series or chain

Converting Graphics with the Driver- How to convert a graphic for use in ZPL2

Converting Graphics with ZebraNet Bridge

Converting Graphics with Ztools - How to download the graphic once it is converted

Printing Euro Symbol - How to print a Euro Symbol in ZPL2

Maxicode example - How to print the Maxicode Barcode for UPS applications

Printing a Short Dash (-) -  How to substitute the short dash for a standard long dash

Reprint - Reprinting after an error or reprinting on demand

Special Character printing - Using the ^FH or ^CI command to print special characters.

UCC/EAN code 128 example - How to print a UCC/EAN barcode using Code 128

ZPL Exercises - Simple examples for getting you started in ZPL2


Other code examples:

VB Example - Code examples for embedding ZPL in Visual Basic

VB.Net Example -  Code examples for embedding ZPL in VB.Net

Visual C++ Example - Code examples for embedding ZPL in C++

Java Example - Java Examples for ZPL, EPL and CPCL


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