Concatenation with ZPL (^FT)


Concatenation: to link together in a series or chain

If you want to create a field on your label that uses more then one font style, or font size,  you can take advantage of the ^FT command. The sample also includes a graphic symbol as well.

The ^FTxx,xx is used only once to designate the starting coordinates of the field. The subsequent ^FT's do not need an x,y coordinate filled in, the pieces of field are are automatically concatenated.

Sample ZPL:

^FT20,200^A0N,30,20^FDACME ^FS
^FT^A0N,30,20^FDSummer ^FS
^FT^A0N,60,50^FDClearance ^FS
^FT^A0N,120,100^FDSale ^FS