ZebraNet Wireless Print Server Plus Supported RF Cards


Here is List of supported RF cards for the ZebraNet Wireless Plus Print Server..


The following wireless cards are supported by the ZebraNet Wireless Plus.


-802.11 a/b/g Cardbus AIR CB21AG-A-K9** (only b & g are supported)
**Note: CB21AG-E-K9 would be the EMEA version of this part number.

- 802.11b Aironet AIR-PCMC340 or PCM340

- 802.11b Aironet AIR-PCMC341or PCM340

- 802.11b Aironet AIR-PCMC342 or PCM342

- 802.11b Aironet PCMC350 or PCM350

- 802.11b Aironet PCMC351 or PCM351

- 802.11b Aironet PCMC352 or PCM352


- 802.11b Spectrum24 High Rate Direct Sequence PN:LA-4111-1000-US

- 802.11b Spectrum24 High Rate Direct Sequence PN:LA-4111-1010-US

- 802.11b Spectrum24 High Rate Direct Sequence PN:LA-4121-1000-US

- 802.11b Spectrum24 High Rate Direct Sequence PN:LA-4121-1020-US

- 802.11b Spectrum24 High Rate Direct Sequence PN:LA-4121-1120-US

- 802.11b Compact Flash Card LA-4137-1020-WWR

 Note:   The Symbol LA-4137-1020 CF card requires a PCMCIA to Compact Flash adapter.  The recommended adaptor: SimpleTech p/n STI-CFAD can be purchased at most computer distribution vendors such as CDW.  The adapter is included in the print server kit.

There is a Symbol LA-4137-1002-WW, this is a different card and does not work. It does not have an external antenna.


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