Load LAN From and Primary vs. Secondary Explained


One can select where the printer gets its network settings from, printer or print server and which device is the Primary Print Server if both Wired and Wireless options are installed.

The Default setting is Printer.   Network settings can be saved on Printer and any ZebraNet Device connected to the printer will receive the Printer's Network settings at boot.  If one wants to connect an External ZebraNet Print Server that already has an IP address, then select Print Server.  When using a wireless ZebraNet Print Server the selection should be Printer.

If set to Print Server, the printer will get its settings from the External ZebraNet device. 

Primary vs. Secondary:

This option is only available when a ZebraNet Wireless Option is installed and only applies to other ZebraNet Print Servers

If printer is set to Skip Check for Wired Print Server at boot, the Wireless Print Server settings will active.  In effect making the Wireless PS option Primary.  If the printer is set to Check for Wired Print Server at boot, if detected the Wired PS will be effective settings or Primary device.  

The printer's control panel only displays the IP address of the Active print server

Note: If Printer is set to "Check for Wired PS" and no Wired PS exist, boot time for Wireless is about 2 minutes.  If running Wireless only or Wireless as active device, it is recommended to use printer's default setting which is "Skip Check for Wired PS"


For full details and differences between models, see the Wired and Wireless Print Server User's Guide.

Also refer to the ^NP command in the ZPL programming guide.

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Date Updated:  11/28/2013 11:57:50 AM