Defaulting the ZebraNet Wireless and Wireless Plus  

Discussion:   How to default the ZebraNet Wireless Print Server options.


Unlike the Wired ZebraNet Print Servers, there is not a test but that can be used to default the ZebraNet Wireless PS.

You can set the network parameters back to the factory defaults in the following ways: 

1.  The DEFAULT NET option, which appears as an option when you exit Setup Mode on the printer's Front Panel LCD. Refer to the user guide for your printer for specific instructions on how to use the front panel controls.

Note: The ZT220 and GX Series printers does not have a front panel display and requires defaulting using one of the methods described here

ZT220 Network Default Read More>>

GX Series Network Default Read More>>

2. The Restore Default Network Configuration button on the printer's View and Modify Printer Settings Web Page in WebView.. 

3. Sent the following ZPL string to the printer:  ^XA^JUN^XZ

When the "Default Net" selection is made, the following settings will be defaulted:

IP address
Subnet Mask
WINS Server Address
Connection Timeout Checking
Connection Checking Timeout Value
ARP Broadcast Interval
Base Raw Port Number
IP Protocol
Client Identifier Settings
Set Antenna
Wireless Password
Transmit Rate
Wireless Card Values
Wireless Securities

When the "Default Printer" selection is made, the following wireless print server settings will be defaulted:

Primary Network Device
Wired Print Server Search
SNMP Settings
Set Primary
Web Authentication Timeout

Note: on the EPL S4M (E53) there in not an option for Default Net.  Just choose default printer.

Last Updated 03/03/2016

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