Converting Graphics with the ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise


How to convert a graphic using the ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise.


Provide step by step instructions for converting and  printing graphics on ZPL based printers.

Facts or Affected Items:

ZPL II printers


ZebraNet Bridge offers the ability to easily convert many graphic formats including .png, .bmp, .jpg and .tiff.  The files do not have to be monochrome as with Ztools.


If you have not done so already, download and install ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise

The Graphic Conversion Process:

1.  Go to Tools - Graphics Conversion Wizard.

2. Browse to the graphic you want to convert.

Once you have image you want select Next >.  The next 2 screens allow you to rotate image and adjust image size.

3.  Next you will assign a memory location where the graphic will be stored in the printer and the name used to recall the graphic.

R = DRAM, E = Flash, B = PCMCIA Non-Volatile, A = Compact Flash Non-Volatile


Note: only printers with firmware level or higher will support .PNG (Compressed) graphic files.

4. Choose Save to save file locally.

Then select Next >.

5. File is now ready to be sent to printer.  You can use ZebraNet Bridge to send file to printer or copy the file directly to the printer's port  in DOS.

6. You can create a ZPL script to test the graphic: ^XA^FO50,50^XGR:zebralogo.GRF^XZ

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