ZebraNet Print Server Connection Time Out Setting

On the ZebraNet Print Server there is a Connection Time Out Setting with a default value of 300 seconds.  This means that after 5 minutes an open communications session will be dropped if there is no further communications from host to Print Server.

It is not recommended that Time Out Checking be disabled unless your OS needs to keep the port open.   If you are having problem where the port become unavailable, try lowering the Timeout Value.

There are 2 ways to change or disable default Time Out setting:

1. Webview

2. Telnet 



1. Enter the Print Server II's IP address into your web browser.

2. If your Print server is connected to a Printer with firmware x.10 or higher you select Print Server Settings" under Printer Home Page.  If you have a print Server with firmware lower than x.10, go to step 3.

3. Then under Status and Configuration, select Print Server.

4. A login prompt should pop up, username is “admin” and password is”1234”:

5. Hit OK.  Which should take you to the Print Server Configuration Page:

6. Select TCP/IP Configuration and then scroll down until you see Connection Timeout Checking.

7. Default value is Yes.  To disable change value to No.  Default Timeout Value is 300 seconds.  You can change to value to meet your application needs.

8. Be sure to click Submit Changes button.  Then Select link "The unit must be reset for new values to take effect."  When prompted to Reset device select Yes, otherwise changes will be lost.


1. Telnet to IP address of Print server, i.e.   From a command prompt, Telnet x.x.x.x.

2. Enter password, default is 1234. 

3. This will bring you to the main menu for the ZebraNet Print Server Configuration Utility. Type 7 and hit enter to select option 7 "TCP Connection Configuration".

4. Then type 1 and press enter.

5. You will see:  

        1. Specify TCP Connection Timeout ( current setting = 300 seconds )

        2. Disable TCP Connection Timeout

6. After making changes press enter twice to get back to main menu.  Press enter once more, you will be prompted to save your changes.  Type Y and hit enter.