This document details how to install TCP/IP printing services and  set up a basic print queue in windows NT 4. 


Note: In order to set up an LPR printer in NT 4.0, the system must first have Microsoft TCP/IP printing installed . The default install is Lexmark TCP/IP and will not work.

1.  Open up the Control Panel 
2.  Go to Network
3.  Click Services Tab (2nd tab over)
4.  Click Add 
      Note: Steps 5-8  will not be necessary if the service is already installed  
5.  Highlight Microsoft TCP/IP Printing 
6.  Hit OK ( you will now need either the NT CD or you will need to know 
     the location of the CAB files. )
7.  Hit the continue tab to install the service. 
8.  You will need to restart the PC

Now that you have TCP/IP printing services installed, you will  need to setup the print queue. 

 1.  Open Control Panel 
 2.  Go to Printers 
 3.  Select Add Printer 
 4.  Select My Computer and click Next for printer type
 5.  Click Add Port
 6.  Select LPR Port and click New Port
 7.  In the Name of Host box enter the hostname if using DNS or the IP 
      address ( this may have to be assigned by your network administrator)
 8.  In the Name of Printer box enter the desired print server output 
      port. Text filters such as LF, NF, or CR can be added to the 
      beginning of this line i.e. LF1
 9.  Click Ok
10.  Select Close 
11.  Check New Port and Click Next 
12.  If necessary, you will now add a driver. 


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