This document details how to setup network  printing in Windows 95 for the Z-Net 2 print server.  


Unlike Windows NT4 and Windows 2000, Windows 95 does not have native LPR capabilities.  You will have to install a third party package if you wish to use LPR  The utility that comes with the Z-Net 2 is a program raw port printing application called ZebraNet Connect IP Monitor.  *Note, TCP/IP port 9100 must be available to use this utility.  If necessary, this can be changed on the printserver via a telnet session or the print servers web page.    

 1.  Install the ZebraNet Connect for TCP/IP from ZebraNet  Utilities found on your accessories CD.  
 2.  Open up the Control Panel
 3.  Go to printers icon
 4.  Double click on "Add New Printer" and click Next
 5.  Select GENERIC, click on NEXT.Select "Keep existing Driver", and Click on NEXT.
 6.  Select LPT1: Printer Port, click on NEXT.
 7.  By default, the printers name is Generic/Text only.  You can rename this to 
      whatever you like.  
 8.  Your newly created printer will appear in the printers applet.
 9.  Highlight it, right click, and scroll down to properties. 
10.  Click on the DETAILS tab ( the second tab over )
11.  Click on ADD PORT
12.  Click the OTHER radio button
13.  Highlight ZebraNet IP Monitor and hit OK
14.  You will see a message that will read "Searching the Local Network"
15.  You will see all available printserver listed in a box.  
        *Note the printserver will have to be powered on and online for the utility to find it during 
        the search
16.  Highlight the desired print server, click on ADD than OK.  
17.  You may now print to the networked printing 


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