This document details how to setup a print queue in Windows 2000.  



 1.  Open the Control Panel 
 2.  Open the Printers Icon.
 3.  Double click on the Add New Printer and click Next
 4.  Choose Local Printer and uncheck Automatically Detect Plug and Play Printer  
       and click Next
 5.  Click on the Radio button to select Create a New Por
       in the drop down box  select Standard TCP/IP Port and click  Next
 6.  The Add Standard TCP/IP Port Wizard pops up. Choose Next.
 7.   In the Printer Name or IP Address Box, put the IP address that is assigned to the
       Print Server
 8.   In the Port Name box put in the desired port name with a number 1 at the end. No
       spaces in between the name and the 1.(the default is the printer name with a 1 at the end
        without a space)
 9.   At the Next Screen under Device Type. Choose Extended Systems Pocket Pro
10.  You should now see a screen with the Manufacturers and Types for the Printer
        drivers available. Choose the appropriate model of printer and click on Next.
11.   Verify that all info is correct and click on Done. 
12.   Install a print driver if necessary.  


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