RFID Setup Details



BLOCK RETRIES - Use this command to change the number of times that the printer attempts to read or write to a particular block of a single RFID tag.  See ^RR command in RFID Programming Guide.

PROGRAM POSITION - Sets the read/write position of the transponder in vertical (Y axis) dot rows from the top of the label. Set to 0 (no movement) if the transponder is already in the effective area without moving the media. See ^RS  p parameter.

VOID PRINTOUT LENGTH - Sets the length of the void printout in vertical (Y axis) dot rows. See ^RS v parameter.

VOID PRINT SPEED - If a label is voided, the speed at which "VOID" will be printed across the label.  See ^RS s parameter.

NUMBER OF LABEL TRIES - The number of labels that will be attempted in case of read/encode failure.  See ^RS n parameter.

ERROR HANDLING - If an error persists after the specified number of labels are tried, perform this error handling action. See ^RS e parameter

Accepted values:

N = No action (printer drops the label format causing the error and moves to the next queued label)
P =
Place printer in Pause mode (label format stays in the queue until the user cancels)
E =
Place printer in Error mode (label format stays in the queue until the user cancels)

SIGNALS ON APPLICATOR - When the value for parameter p (read/write position of the transponder) is nonzero, this parameter changes the number of start and stop print signals required for printing.  See ^RS a parameter.

RFID READ PWR & RFID WRITE PWR  - set the RFID read and write power levels.  See ^RW command.