Media Setup Details


Media Type - Select non-continuous for any label you want the printer to track top of form. The printer uses an inter-label gap, notch, or hole to track the start of a label when set to non-continuous.

Continuous has no top of form detection and the printer will only use the sensors for out of media conditions

For more details on Media Type Read More>>

Sensor Type - Select Web or Mark. Web is for gap/notch/hole media and Mark is for Black Mark media.

Sensor Method - (Note: This will only be an available setting if the printer supports multiple sensor types for gap/hole or notch detection.) A printer may have a Transmissive (shines light through the media) and a Reflective Sensor (reflects light off the media backing). Check your User Guide for the proper selection for your media type. As a rule the Reflective Sensor is used for Black Mark non-continuous media but on some printer models such as the ZT200 can be used for gap/notch/hole non-continuous media as well.

Print Method - If you are using ribbon select Thermal Transfer. Direct Thermal is selected if you are using Direct Thermal labels that darken when heated.

Print Width - Set in dots and is based on the resolution of the printhead and maximum print width. This is usually left at the full width but can be set to limit the width of the printable area. This must be set to the widest label you expect to print.

Maximum Length - The Maximum Label Length setting is used to set the amount of media length that will feed during calibration for determining the label length. This must be set longer than the longest label length you use with the printer. You can leave this at the maximum length without impacting calibration however, setting it shorter than the label length will result in a Paper or Media Out error when calibrating. Read More>>