General Setup Page Details


Printer Name The printer name appears at the top of the webpage and is typically ZBRxxxxxx. Changing this value will change the name on the Webpage header and the Print Server Name.

Printer Description - Adds a user description to the web page

Language - Page Display Language Selection

Darkness - Also referred to as burn temperature or density. ZPL printers can be adjusted 1-30 while EPL printers 1-15.  If you are using ribbon, note that wax ribbons use lower values while resin ribbons and polyester labels use the higher ranges. If your ribbon is tearing, distorting your Darkness setting is too high. 

Print Mode - This sets the way the label is presented after printing.
- Tear Off - The label stops with the top of form at the tear bar. This allows for the gap to rest on the tear bar for easy tearing.
- Rewind - Disables backfeed and is typically used when the printer has the Rewind Spindle Option
- Peel Off - Used when the printer is equipped with the Peel Off Option. It enables take label sensors to detect a peeled label. Printing is halted until the peeled label is removed from the take label sensor path.
- Cutter - Used when the printer is equipped with a cutter option.
- Applicator - Used when the printer is using an Applicator Port for external device control of the printing
- Stream - Used with the ZE printer in applicator environment.

Tear Off - This modifies the resting position of the label to fine tune the tear, cut or peel resting position.

Print Speed - Values are limited to the printer capabilities. If you are using ribbon, slower speeds are recommended for resin ribbon applications or when the print quality needs to be improved.

Label Top - Vertical Image Position adjustment that compensates for printer top of form tolerance. Read More>>