Advanced Setup

Backfeed - This sets the timing and amount of the backfeed. By default the printer will backfeed Before Print in Tear Off or Peel Mode and After Print in Cutter Mode. Selecting a percentage will divide this backfeed to some Before and After Print. Selecting a Before or After Print performs all backfeed based on the Backfeed setting regardless of the Print Mode.

Note: If you are experiencing media jamming when using a cutter it is often recommended to use Before Print so the media is not sitting on the platen when at rest.

Left Position - This setting alters the left edge (Viewing a printed label from the front of the printer). This adjustment is only used when attempting to line the left edge of the image on multiple printers. It is recommended to assure your ZPL format is properly lining up the image before altering this setting.

Format Convert - Format Convert is a feature that allows a user to alter the printer resolution. This feature allows an image to print on some combinations of non-matching resolution printers.. The settings are limited to those described below.

  • The printers print head resolution can never be made higher then the actual dpi of the print head installed.  If a 203 dpi print head is installed,  it cannot be made to print like a 300 or 600 dpi print head. By choosing a Format Convert value other than NONE,  it will only make the print bigger.

          Think of the Format Convert as a magnification factor:

  • NONE  = no magnification (resolution of print head installed) 

          Any one of the following choices will increase the size of the print by the magnification indicated:

  • 150/300 = 2x (Using a 150 dpi format on a 300 dpi printer)
  • 150/600 = 4x (Using a 150 dpi format on a 600 dpi printer)
  • 200/600 = 3x (Using a 200 dpi format on a 600 dpi printer)
  • 300/600 = 2x (Using a 300 dpi format on a 600 dpi printer)

Format Memory - This will initialize the printer memory when you submit and accept the proceed warning. This will erase any stored objects in the selected memory.