This document describes how to print remotely with Unix via LPR

Zebra has a TCP/IP Print Server called ZebraNet  II or 100baseT which allows you to attach your Zebra printer directly to an Ethernet segment. The ZebraNet device then acts as a print server for LPR printing. What follows is a sample /etc/printcap entry for printing to a ZebraNet device:

### Remote ZebraNet Printer


This will setup a print queue called "znet" that will print via the print server at IP address . To print you would then execute the command "lpr -Pznet <FILENAME>" at the command prompt. Here is a brief description of what each line means in the printcap entry:

znet = print queue name ( this can be anything you specify)

lp = Having the entry blank specifies that the printer is NOT a local printer.

rm = Used to specify the IP address or host name for the remote print server

rp = specifies the remote printer to print to on the remote machine. If you were printing to another Unix machine, you would be able to specify any of the print queues which they have setup in their /etc/printcap file.

sh = suppress header.  Using this prevents the Unix host from sending down unintended non-ZPL text that may interfere with the printer. 

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