Redhat Linux Print Queue Explained for 

ZebraNet Print Server II

Here are some terms you should know:

The ZebraNet Print Server II acts as a print server for LPR printing.  The best way to set up the print queue in Redhat Linux is with the Printtool Utility.  If you want, you can edit the /etc/printcap file by creating an entry for the Print Sever II that looks like the following:




This will setup a print queue called ‘znet" that will print via the printserver at IP address . To print you would then execute the command "lpr –Pznet <FILENAME>" at the command prompt. Here is a brief description of what each line means in the printcap entry:

znet = print queue name ( this can be anything you specify)

:sd - set the spool directory.

:mx - Sets file limit in KB ( 0 = no limit )

:sh - suppress header.  Prevents host from sending down unintended non-ZPL text that may interfere with the printer. 

:rm - Used to specify the IP address or host name for the remote Print Server II.

:rp - Remote print queue name.  All ZebraNet Print Server II's use portlf1.

See the following link for instructions on setting up LPR print queue with Printtool Utility.

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