Protocols Used By ZebraNet Print Servers

The following table list the protocols used by ZebraNet Print Servers for various functions.  The corresponding port numbers are provided in order to check what ports would be required open on a firewall.


TCP Ports

UDP ports



21 FTP

161 SNMP broadcast from ZebraNet Print Server

23 Telnet

162 SNMP trap on ZebraNet Alert

80 HTTP server

4201 discovery destination on Zebra Print Server

515 Printer port

(dynamic) SNMP get request from ZebraNet Bridge & View

631 IPP port*

(dynamic) discovery broadcast from ZebraNet Bridge & View

9100 Raw socket connection



20035 discovery on WCSO device and Zebra Wireless View

*Only supported on External 10/100 Print Server and Internal 10/100 on S4M, XiIII Plus, PAX4, & 105SL.

ZebraNet Alert - Zebra's SNMP management software
ZebraNet View- A windows based configuration utility for the ZebraNet print server

ZebraNet Bridge - Zebra's Printer Management Tool.
WCSO-  Zebra's wireless bridge
Zebra Wireless View-  Zebra's discovery and configuration utility for the WCSO


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