Using of 3rd Party Print Servers on Zebra Printers    

We do not suggest that you use any third party print servers with our printers because we will be unable to support the print server.  If you choose to use a third party print server please keep the following in mind:

Parallel print servers-  If your print server uses a connection to the printers parallel port ensure that the host Printserver has its parallel port set to standard, not ECP or EPP.  Click here, for Axis print server specific information.  

Some newer Zebra printers due support ECP or Nibble mode, XiIII Plus and ZxM Plus Series. There is a setting for Parallel Communications the can be set to Bi-directional or Unidirectional  

Suggested troubleshooting would be to try a combination of settings on the printer and the LPT port of the 3rd party print server until you get the desired results.

Serial print servers-  Like with any other serial connection, please ensure that your serial port settings on both the print server and the printer match.  The printers serial port defaults to a the following 


Remote queue name -  Keep in mind that LPR based print clients need the remote queue name of the print server.  The ZebraNet II uses PORTLF1.  Your print server will uses something different.  You will have to check with your documentation for details. 

Data translation -  Zebra printers rely on a ASCII based print language called ZPL.  Ensure that your print server outputs ASCII without any form of translation. 

Testing Communication -  To test to see it the printserver is communicating with the printer, put the printer in Diagnostic Mode.  See the users guide for instructions on setting the printer to Diagnostic or "DUMP" mode.  Once in Diagnostic mode, send a test print from the printserver.  If communicating, the printer will print any data it receives.  If nothing prints, the printserver is not communicating with the printer

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