How do I configure Zebra Net View?



1  The following screen will appear the first time you run ZebraNet View after installation Click next to continue.  


When the "NEW VIEW" screen appears, you must assign a name for the this "view"  The name is irrelevant and you can use anything you like. Hit next to continue.  


Next you will specify if you want the utility to search locally or across the WAN.  By default, the utility will only send a local broadcast. Hit next to continue.  


The "COLUMNS" screen is how you choose the information about the printer, that ZebraNet View will display.  By default, only the system name will be displayed.  If you want more information you must select it form the list on the right and use the right arrow key to place it in the displayed list.  Hit next to continue.  


You are now ready to use ZebraNet View.  Please hit finish.  

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