How do I disable bi-directional communications.  



Printers using firmware x.10.x or later have bi-directional capabilities and can support the default setting. Refer to the configuration label or the LCD front panel to determine your firmware version. (For example 33.10.4 is a firmware version used in the XiIII printer where the 10 relates to the feature level.) For version 10 or later, leave bi-directional communication enabled. For all earlier versions you must disable bi-directional communications.


The bi-directional communication can be changed using a telnet session.

Telnet Session:
1) Telnet to printer ZebraNet PrintServer Configuration Utility will appear.
2) Enter 1234 for password Hit enter.
3) Under ZebraNet PrintServer Configuration Utility select 6 Configure port. Hit enter.
4) Under Configure port select 3 Configure bi-directional communication. Hit enter.
5) Under Indicate whether bi-directional communication should be enabled select 2-Disabled. Hit enter twice. This will take you back to the ZebraNet PrintServerConfiguration Utility screen. Then hit enter again to quit.
6) When asked to save changes select Y (for yes), then hit enter.



Web browser session

In Web Browser, enter IP address of Print Server and press enter:


Select Print Server under Status and Configuration.




You will be prompted to enter User Name and Password







The Print Server Configuration Page will be displayed:

Select Output Port Configuration:


Set Bidirectional Communications to Disabled:


Select Submit Changes.



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