Using ZebraNet Alerts to Manage Zebra Printers

Zebra ZPL printers with Firmware X.10.X or higher are capable of supporting Alerts when connected to a ZebraNet Print Server. Alerts are used to monitor the status of a printer. For example, an Alert can be sent to a workstation to notify a user when a printer is out of paper.

The available Alert messages that can be set up are, Alert Message Options.

Setting up desired Alerts

All alerts are set up in WebView.

1. Start by opening Internet Explorer or Standard Web Browser.

2. Enter the IP address of Print Server in Address field to bring up printer's Home page.

3. Click on the link "Alert Setup" in the middle of the page.

4. Click on text link Add Alert Message. 

5. You will see the following options:

Condition: Drop down list of available Alert Messages.

Destination: There are 5* communication methods you can use to send Alerts from the printer:
(Click on desired communication link for specific setup details)

1. Serial
2. Email
3. TCP
4. UDP
5. SNMP 
- Only option that should be used with ZebraNet Alert Software.

Set: YES or NO. Yes sends message when Condition is met.

CLR: YES or NO. Yes sends message when Condition is cleared.

Address: Destination IP address for Email, TCP, UDP, and SNMP

Port: Destination Port number needed only for TCP & UDP.

Input box "Add Alert Message", in order to queue changes for saving, enter password 1234 and click.

    Important Note: See Saving Changes in WebView.

*There is an option listed for "Parallel". This cannot be used to send Alerts.

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