This document will be used to teach you how to use a subnet calculator to determine if a Z-Net 2 and a host system are on the same network (subnet).  This will be used when device is not responding to the ping command.  

Before I begin I should point out one main fact.  Just because a host system and Z-Net II are on different subnets, does not mean the devices will not communicate with each other.  It is possible if they have a router with  the proper configuration.   If the devices are on different networks, and the Z-net is not responding to a ping, the most likely cause is a router mis-configuration.  

  1. The first step is to determine what IP address and subnet mask  the host system  has.  

  2. The next step is to determine what IP address the Z-net has.  

  3. Now type the values into the appropriate place in the network calculator.

  4. In this case, I  am at a workstation with an IP address of and I am trying to communicate with the ZNET II at

  5. Once you have entered in the appropriate values, hit the calc tab.

  6. This will calculate the information provide and tell you if the devices are local or remote.

  7. Your answer will appear in the box marked result.

  8. If the result is the networks differ, have the caller ensure that their router information is valid.  

  9. If the results are the networks are the same, you can assume that the host system  can communicate with the ZNET II. This is only half of the communication process.  You will now need to determine if the ZNET II can communicate with the host system.

  10. To do this simply start the process at step one but, fill in the IP address and subnet of the ZNET II and use the IP address of the host system as the destination address.  

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