How do I set the print server back to factory defaults?



The best way to default the print server is to power down the printer and power it on again while holding in the test button. You should hold the button in until 10 seconds AFTER the printer passes post which is  the first time the LED turns solid green.  You can also telnet to the device and choose option 10.  i.e.  C:\telnet x.x.x.x  (where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the print server).

Note: On Tabletop Printers with V60.13.x or Vx.15.x the print server can be defaulted by selecting Default Net from the LCD of the printer.


ZMx00 Internal


10/100 Print Server

The test button on the 10/100 Print server is located between the RJ-45 Ethernet port and the 2 LEDs.



To default the internal 10/100 print server is from the front panel LCD of the printer by selecting Default Net option after pressing Setup/Exit twice.

The ^JUN command or ZebraNet Bridge can be used as well.


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