ZebraNet Print Server 10/100 Firmware Upgrade Instructions


Failure to follow the instructions below may cause the firmware to be corrupted.

While downloading new firmware to the Print Server, no other data should be 
sent to the printer during the downloading process. The unit will be 
temporarily unavailable for print jobs during the firmware download process. 

To begin, power on the printer and wait (for up to one minute) to complete the 
Print Server boot sequence. The boot sequence is complete when the LED on 
the Print Server turns GREEN. 

If the Print Server LED is slowly flashing GREEN, the unit is printing a configuration 
label or a print job. You must wait until the LED is no longer flashing before 
proceeding with the firmware download. Please note that the LED will flash 
red/green once the unit is in firmware download mode. 

If the LED on the Print Server is rapidly flashing green, the Print Server has not 
detected the presence of a network cable. Consult the troubleshooting section of the 
Print Server manual for additional information. 

Firmware Download Instructions

Using ZebraNet Bridge:  (preferred method, printer will need to have ZPL based firmware to see printer in ZebraNet Bridge)

1) Unzip firmware files downloaded from Zebra's Website to you local hard drive.
2) Open ZebraNet Bridge and add the printer if not already listed in the Groups window..
3) Drag and drop the file 46688.1 onto the printer in ZebraNet Bridge from Windows Explorer.

UpdateIP Utility:

To install the new firmware updates,  TCP/IP Protocol must be installed on PC.  Locate the file UpdateIP.exe include in .zip file:

1) Run UPDATEIP.EXE to begin.
2) Select update file(s)(46688 for both internal and external 100/10 BaseT print servers ) or directory that contains the file(s).
3) Select the print servers from the list that you want to update .
4) Select 'Start' from the 'Update ' menu.
5) Repeat steps 1 - 4 above with the new firmware files.



If no print servers are in the list to be updated, that means that the utility did not find any products 
that can be updated with the selected firmware file. Make sure that you have the appropriate firmware version selected 
for your print servers.

Print servers will be discovered as follows:

1) The print server is on the local subnet.
2) The print server can be found by ZebraNet View for TCP/IP.
3) You manually enter the IP address of the print server using the 'Add Single Device' option.

If any print server fails during the update process try the following:

1) Select 'Retry Failed Update ' from the 'Update ' menu. Select the print server from the list and then 
select the 'Retry Update ' button.
2) If the print server is not displayed in the Failed List from option (1), turn the device OFF and ON 
and select 'Refresh List' from the 'Update ' menu. The print server should show up in the list. 
3) Contact technical support with any problems that cannot be resolved using the first two options.