Enabling/Disabling Protocols and Time Server on the ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server


The following protocols can be disabled on the ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server:  HTTP, FTP, SNMP, TFTP, and the Time Server.

Firmware level required: V1.01.2 or higher.

Note: The available selections may vary depending on the firmware level and version of the option board in the printer, i.e. Xi4, RZ, ZM400 Internal 10/100,  G Series Desktops, 2824 Plus, & HC100.


Telnet to IP address of the Print Sever;

i.e. c:\telnet

Enter password.  The default is 1234.

To Enable/Disable Protocol Daemons, Choose Enable/Disable Protocol Deamons.

To Enable/Disable Getting Date & Time from a Time Server, Choose Option 10.

The Time Server is either Enabled (Y) or Disabled (N)

For the Protocol Daemons:

Then Choose option 2 - Disable Daemons.

You will be prompted whether or not you to disable each protocol, one at a time.

Choose Y for Yes and N for No.

Note:  In firmware versions E53.15.x, I53.15.x, and D53.15.x the protocols IPP, FTP, HTTP, & SNMP are not supported on the ZMx00 Internal Print Server.  If you load one of these firmware versions and then load ZPL firmware V53.15.x, the protocols do not get re-enabled.  They have to be manually re-enabled as shown above.

Last Updated:  01/26/2011 08:38:01 AM

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