The ZM400/600 Sensors & Calibration

Adjustable Transmissive Sensor

 Reflective Sensor


The ZM Series printers come standard with two sensor types (TRANSMISSIVE or REFLECTIVE).   The REFLECTIVE selection should be used for Black Mark Media while the TRANSMISSIVE selection should be used for media with a gap, notch, or hole for top of form sensing.

You must select the Media Type through the front panel LCD before running calibration.  The default is Gap/Notch.

Auto Calibration

By default, the printer automatically calibrates on power up or when the print head is closed.

During auto calibration, the printer determines the label length and sensor settings.

Manual Calibration

Perform a media and ribbon sensor calibration to reset the sensitivity of the sensors so the

media and ribbon are detected more accurately.


From the printer's LCD select Media and Ribbon Calibrate:

To perform a media and ribbon sensor calibration:

1. Press SELECT to select the parameter.

2. Press PLUS (+) to start the calibration procedure.

The LOAD BACKING prompt displays.

3. Open the print head.

4. Remove approximately 8 in. (203 mm) of labels from the backing, and

pull the media into the printer so that only the backing is between the

media sensors.

5. Leave the print head open.

6. Press PLUS (+) to continue.

The REMOVE RIBBON prompt displays.

7. Remove the ribbon (if used).

8. Close the printhead.

9. Press PLUS (+) to continue.

The message CALIBRATING PLEASE WAIT displays.

The printer adjusts the scale (gain) of the signals that it receives from

the media and ribbon sensors based on the specific media and ribbon

combination being used. On the sensor profile, this essentially

corresponds to moving the peak of the graph up or down to optimize

the readings for your application.

When calibration is complete, RELOAD ALL displays.

10. Open the printhead and pull the media forward until a label is

positioned under the media sensor.

11. Reload the ribbon (if used).

12. Close the printhead.

13. Press PLUS (+) to continue.

The printer performs an auto-calibration. During this process, the

printer checks the readings for the media and ribbon based on the new

scale established, determines the label length, and determines the print

mode. To see the new readings on the new scale, print a sensor profile.

14. Press SELECT to accept any changes and deselect the parameter.