ZM Series Media Sensors

There are two types of Media Sensors used in the printer based on the type of media being used. Use the adjustable GAP/NOTCH (Transmissive Sensor) for Non-Continuous gap/hole/notched media and MARK for black bar media. Verify the selection is correct for the media type being used in the printer LCD Display and if used, in the driver or software. This is important because configuration commands received from the software or driver will overwrite the printer LCD settings.

If your media has a Notch/Hole make sure the Transmissive Sensor is positioned over the Notch/Hole. For Gap media move the sensor where a consistent gap can be detected. If there is pre-print on the label or backing try positioning the Transmissive Sensor where a minimum of print is passing its position. Use the red light as a guide to assure it is properly aligned.

For uniquely shaped labels or non-straight edged labels Read More>>

The Black Mark Sensor is not adjustable and you will need to assure your Black Mark media meets the mark specifications.