Configuring the Zebra (ZPL) Printer for Cutter Mode

There are several methods that may be used to set the printer to Cutter Mode. The method of choice will depend on your application and use of the printer.

Note: Driver/Software applications send ZPL configuration commands and regardless of your LCD setting it will overwrite the value when processed by the printer. Therefore it is important that your Driver/Software Printer Configurations or configuration commands in your ZPL format match the printer values so random changes don't occur..


Printer LCD Display

From the printer LCD Display navigate to the PRINT MODE selection. Select CUTTER and exit the menu saving the setting.


Using the ZPL Command Language

The ZPL Command ^MMC sets the printer to Cutter Mode.

^XA^JUS^XZ (Saves the value)



ZDesigner Driver

For more details on configuring the Zebra Designer Driver click here.

If you are using the ZDesigner Driver you can open the printer Properties and select the Printing Preferences.

Under the Advanced Setup tab select Cutter.



Label Design Software

The method used to configure your software varies based how the printer is set up to interact with the software. The Zebra Designer software uses the Zebra Designer Driver for cutter configuration.



Zebra Setup Utility

The Zebra Setup Utility is available from the Zebra Website and allows you perform printer configurations from your PC. Install and select your printer. Use the Configure Printer Settings button to access the Media Handling setting. From there select Cutter.