Head Latch Handle/Sensor Flag Repositioning Procedure

The following procedure is used to correct the Head Latch Handle and Sensor Flag position. Please observe proper static precautions when access to the electronics compartment is required.

Tools Required:
#2 Phillips Screw Driver
7/64 Hex Driver
1/16th Hex Driver

Note: The head open latch handle must be fully seated on the head toggle shaft before performing this procedure. When fully seated, there is minimal play in the toggle shaft which helps prevent flag misalignment.

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Remove the four phillips screws securing the side panel cover. Set the cover aside. (Removal of this panel exposes the Main Logic Board as in Figure 2.)
  3. Locate the Head Open sensor (Figure 3.)
  4. With the Head Open Latch Handle in the closed position, check the orientation of the Sensor Flag in relation to the Head Sensor. (Figure3). It should enter the slot in the Head Sensor as indicated in Figure 3 and 4.
  5. If Sensor Flag repositioning is required, loosen the fastener that secures the Sensor Flag. Reposition the sensor flag to achieve proper operation.
  6. If the Sensor Flag does not properly enter the Head Sensor slot, loosen and remount the Head Open Latch Handle until correct operation is achieved.
  7. Reassemble and check for proper operation.