Spindle Adjustment

Important.... Do not disassemble any Xi spindle.

The Xi spindles should not require periodic maintenance and should not be disassembled. The spindles are assembled under controlled conditions to prevent contamination of the plastic clutches. Any disassembly can result in unsatisfactory operation and may require replacement of the entire spindle assembly.

105SL Spindles with felt clutches may require periodic maintenance and lubrication with silicone oil. The length of time between maintenance is based on usage and if spindle problems are experienced. Consult with your Zebra Service Provider if your spindles require felt pad maintenance.

Spindle Tension

The spindle tension is normally adjusted to factory specified tension using a spring scale gauge which measures the resistance of the spindle rotation. Manual adjustments to the tension setting can be made to any spindle if a problem traced to too much or to little tension is detected. The following problems may occur if factory spindle tension settings are wrong for the printer’s application.

Ribbon Supply Spindle

Note: In addition to the spindle tension there is a reverse rotation action provided by a spring in the end cap. This allows the ribbon to follow any backfeed motion the printer may perform on the media.

Too Little Tension - This may cause the ribbon to fold or crease resulting in ribbon wrinkle.

Too Much Tension - Ribbon sticking or stalling causing smearing and poor print quality

Ribbon Take-up Spindle

Too Little Tension - The ribbon may stick to the label surface and fail to rewind the spent ribbon

Too Much Tension - May cause a gray smearing on the first part of the label. May also cause the ribbon hook be difficult to remove

Media Supply Spindle (Media Hanger Type not adjustable)


Media Rewind Spindle

Too Little Tension - May affect the Peel off function causing labels to remain on the liner instead of properly peeling

Too Much Tension - May cause print registration problems or skipping labels.

Spindle Tension Adjustment:

1. Locate the adjustment nut on the end of the spindle you intend to adjust.
2. Loosen the set screws located on the nut or end cap (if used).
3. Turn the Adjustment Nut clockwise to increase the tension or counter-clockwise to decrease the tension. Tighten the set screws if present. Do this in 1/4 turn increments and check the application functionality.



NOTE: If the shaft of the Ribbon Take- Up, Media Take- Up or optional Media Supply Spindle turns when attempting to turn the Adjustment Nut, insert an Allen wrench through the access hole on the inner end of the spindle and into the set screw in the shaft collar. DO NOT TURN THE ALLEN WRENCH. Simply hold the shaft in place with the Allen wrench while turning the Adjustment Nut.