Loading for Rewind Operation

      1. Remove the rewind plate from its storage location in front of the print mechanism inside the media compartment.
      2. Invert the rewind plate so that the lip on the attached hook plate points down.
      3. Insert the hook plate lip approximately Ĺ" (13 mm) into the lower opening in the side plate.
      4. Align the upper end of the rewind plate with the corresponding opening in the side plate. Slide in the rewind plate so that it stops against the printerís main frame.
      5. Open the printhead.
      6. Slide the media guide and media supply guide as far from the printer frame as possible. Flip down the media supply guide.
      7. Load media as shown.
      8. When loading media, allow approximately 36" (914 mm) of media to extend past the printhead. Remove all labels from this portion to create a leader.
      9. Remove the hook from the rewind spindle. If you are using a core, slide it onto the rewind spindle until it is flush against the guide plate.
      10. Wind the label backing around either the 3" (76 mm) core or the rewind spindle and reinstall the hook.
      11. Flip up the media supply guide. Slide in the media guide and media supply guide so they just touch, but not restrict, the edge of the roll.

      Before closing the printhead, make sure:

      1. Load the ribbon if used and close the printhead.


Figure 1. Rewind