Printing a sensor profile

The sensor profile is a way to print out a representation of what the media sensors are measuring.  The profile can help troubleshoot calibration issues, by determining how much light is passing through the backing material and if the sensors are detecting this correctly.

To run the sensor profile, turn the printer ON, wait for the Power On Self Tests (POST) to finish.  Press the Setup/Exit Key once.  Press the Next/Save Key until SENSOR PROFILE is displayed.  Press the Upper Right Oval Key to print the profile.  The number of labels used will depend on the Maximum Label Length set in the Setup Menu.

Below are examples of different profiles you may see:

Poor Profile, Sensor levels are not set correctly or the media may not be compatible.


Acceptable profiles, there is some "Noise" but the printer will probably calibrate.


Best profile, there is no "Noise" and a distinct difference between the readings for the backing only and the backing plus media.

Issues, on a 4" label, the spike my be in the label gap.  You may need to look at the ribbon to see the level for the web measurement.