Basic Label Length Calibration

  1. Power on the printer.

  2. Make sure the LCD display MAXIMUM LABEL LENGTH setting is slightly greater than the label length you intend to use.

  3. Have media and ribbon (if used) loaded in the printer. 

  4. Pause the printer by pressing the front panel PAUSE button.

  5. Press the CALIBRATE button and allow labels to feed until the printer stops moving the media.

  6. Remove the printer from pause and press FEED several times assuring the printer is tracking the top of form.

  7. If the printer fails to calibrate perform the Full Calibration procedure that follows.

Full Media and Ribbon Calibration
(Black Mark Sensor)

NOTE: This procedure sets the printer media and ribbon sensor gain, media type setting, print method and label length.  All steps must be performed in the following procedure, even if only one sensor needs to be adjusted.

  1. Press the SETUP/EXIT key.
  2. Press the NEXT/SAVE key until "SENSOR TYPE" displays and select "MARK".
  3. Press the NEXT/SAVE key until "MEDIA AND RIBBON CALIBRATE" displays.
  4. To start the calibration procedure, press the RIGHT BLACK OVAL key. "LOAD BACKING CANCEL CONTINUE" displays.
  5. Open the printhead. Move the media forward until you see the black mark on the backing is lined up over the Red LED (reflective sensor).
  6. Press the RIGHT BLACK OVAL key. The front panel display will show "REMOVE RIBBON CANCEL CONTINUE."
  7. Either remove the ribbon or slide it as far from the printer frame as possible.
  8. Close the printhead, trapping the ribbon in this position.
  9. Press the RIGHT BLACK OVAL key. The front panel will show "CALIBRATING PLEASE WAIT."
  10. When this part of the calibration process is completed, the display will read "RELOAD ALL CONTINUE."
  11. Open the printhead. Pull the backing material forward until the black mark is not over the Red LED.
  12. Either load the ribbon or return the ribbon to its proper position.
  13. Close the printhead. Press the RIGHT BLACK OVAL key to perform the next part of the calibration sequence. "MEDIA AND RIBBON CALIBRATE" displays. The printer is calibrated when the media stops feeding.
  14. Press the SETUP/EXIT key to leave the programming mode. Choose "permanent" when SAVE CHANGES displays.