Strip Plate Adjustment

The Strip Plate can be adjusted for proper tracking and separation of the ribbon from the media after printing. A properly adjusted Strip Plate will allow the ribbon to be evenly removed from the media surface. The Strip Plate should not be pressing down on to the media surface (cause scuffing or other media surface problems) or so high off the label that the ribbon is prematurely removed from the printed media surface (poor print quality or light print).

This procedure works best with wide media and ribbon since these hold the Strip Plate in place during adjustment.

1. Print PAUSE Key Self Test labels. (Power up the printer holding the PAUSE key)

2. When a label prints press the PAUSE Key and, after the printer pauses, observe the ribbon for possible problems such as wrinkling.

3. Slightly loosen the two Phillips screws holding the Strip Plate to the front of the Printhead Assembly so it can be easily moved up or down.

4. Turn the ribbon take-up spindle so the ribbon lifts the Strip Plate off the media and then reverse the spindle to allow the strip plate to lightly touch the media surface. In this position the strip plate will be lightly touching but not pressing against the media surface .

5. Tighten the Strip Plate Phillips screws making sure it does not move as you turn the screws. Print a minimum of 25 labels while checking for ribbon wrinkle, tracking and media/ ribbon separation problems.