Printhead Maintenance Kit Installation Instructions

This kit includes the parts and documentation necessary to install a replacement printhead into the 105 SL printer. Read these instructions thoroughly before attempting to install this kit.

Reference Materials


Zebra 105 SL Userís Guide


Zebra 105 SL Maintenance Manual

Tools Required

#2 Phillips screwdriver, printhead cleaning kit PN 47362 (available from Zebra)

Parts List

Table 1. Printhead Kit Parts






Installation instructions



200 dpi printhead assembly kit



300 dpi printhead assembly kit

N/A - Not Available As Separate Service Item




Figure 1. 105 S L Printhead Removal/Installation


Installation Instructions

  1. At the back of the printer, set power switch to off (0) position. Disconnect AC power cord and data cables.
  2. Lift media side cover. Open the printhead assembly by rotating head control lever to open position.
  3. Remove the media and ribbon. Refer to Users Guide if you have to. Close the printhead assembly by rotating head control lever to closed postion.
  4. Connect yourself to an anti-static protection system.
  5. Locate the spring-loaded mounting screw on top of the printhead assembly. See Figure 1.
  6. Loosen the mounting screw until it disengages from the printhead.


  1. Slowly open the printhead assembly. The printhead will be resting on the platen while the rest of the assembly pivots back out of the way.
  2. Gently pull away the printhead data connector from the printhead. See Figure 1.
  3. Gently pull away the power cable connector from the printhead. See Figure 1.
  4. Remove the printhead through the front of the printer.

  5. Connect the printhead data cable to the power connector on the new printhead. See Figure 1.
  6. Connect the printhead power cable to the data connector on the new printhead. See Figure 1.
  7. Carefully position the alignment slots in the new printhead over the alignment posts on the underside of the mounting bracket.
  8. Once the printhead is seated completely, continue to hold the printhead in place. carefully tighten the mounting screw.
  9. Use a cleaning swab from the printhead cleaning kit to thoroughly clean the print element, the gray area, of the new printhead. Refer to Figure 2.
  10. Reinstall media and ribbon. Refer to Users Guide.
  11. Connect the AC power cord. 
  12. Perform the PAUSE Key Self Test. (Hold the PAUSE key as you power on the printer) If you are in doubt, refer to the Users Guide for your printer.
  13. Check print quality. If only half of a label is printing, the printhead did not get seated properly during installation. Go back and check the installation part of the instructions. The printer should be ready for operation. If problems arise, refer to Troubleshooting, Section 3, Printhead Adjustments, in your printer Maintenance Manual.




Figure 2. Cleaning the New 105 S L Printhead