Test RFID Formats


Here are sample RFID formats for the various printers.  These formats have been tested and are known to produce good labels with the proper media.  These formats can be used to test a printer if getting higher than expected Voids. Be sure to power cycle the printer before testing.  This will clear and ^RS commands settings sent previously.

Refer the RFID Programming Guide for full ZPL command details.


R110Xi, R170Xi, RZ400, RZ600 and R110Pax4 Multi-Protocol Printers:

Note:  For Gen2 tags just change the tag type - ^RS8.

Format 1:  Reads data written on a tag using the Read RFID Format command, and prints this
on the front of the label. Will work with any tag that meets the transponder placement

Format 2:  Encodes 96 bits of data in an EPC format then reads it in EPC and hex and prints the results on the front of the label.  Tag type is not specified.

Format 3:  Same as #2 but Tag Type is specified for Gen2 tags.

Format 4:  This format is for GEN2 tags that support User Memory.  The format writes 8 bytes data to the User Memory, reads the data, sends it back to host and prints it on the tag.

R110Xi HF 13.56MHz

Format 1:  This format will auto-detect tag type and write to block 1, read block 1 and print the data on the label.

Form more information on EPC Standards.

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