Title: QL220/320/420 Take Label Sensor not detecting the label.


With the printer set for peel and present mode, the label feeds and the printer doesn't detect the label is present.

Printer will keep feeding labels while in peel and present mode


Explain how to calibrate the label present sensor so that it can detect the label.

Facts or Affected Items: 

QL Series printers


Calibration Procedure.


If the printer is calibrated in bright florescent light, the take label sensor can be flooded out and will not calibrate to detect the presents of the label.

When you run the Two Key report, do not lay the printer down on its back. Have the printer sitting upright and avoid direct lighting to the front of the printer. Run the two key report to allow the sensors to calibrate to ambient light.

Click here for instructions on running the two key report.

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Date Updated:  11/30/2004 05:36:45 PM