Communications Diagnostics (DUMP mode)

If there's a problem transferring data between the computer and the printer, try putting the printer in the Communications Diagnostics Mode (also referred to as the "DUMP" mode).  The printer will print the ASCII characters (or the period ".", if it receives a non-printable character) and their hexadecimal equivalents  for any data received from the host computer or device. 

To enter Communications Diagnostics Mode:

1.  Print a configuration label using the "two key" test.

2.  At the end of the 2nd diagnostics report, the printer will print: 

 "Press FEED key to enter DUMP mode".

3.  Press the FEED key.  The printer will print :

"Entering DUMP mode".

Note:  If the FEED key is not pressed within 3 seconds, the printer will print "DUMP mode not entered" and will resume normal operations.

4.  At this point, the printer is in DUMP mode and will print the ASCII characters ("." if receiving a non- printable ASCII character) and  the hexadecimal equivalents of any data sent to it.

After the printer has finished printing all of the characters and you want the printer to store this data (as a file) in the printers file directory,  WAIT APPROXIMATELY 2 MINUTES.   Turn the printer off , wait 5 seconds, then turn the printer back on.

A file with a ".dmp" extension containing the ASCII information will be created and stored in the printers memory.  It can be viewed, "cloned" or deleted using the Label Vista application  (Refer to the Label Vista documentation for more information) 

The Label Vista Utility (Windows XP) can be downloaded at


To terminate the Communications Diagnostics Mode and return the printer to normal operations:

1.  Turn the printer OFF

2.  Wait 5 seconds

3.  Turn the printer ON.