Advanced Counter

The Advanced Counter is available on most tabletop printers and is used to track use.

Printing a configuration label on printers equipped with the Advanced Counter will show you the information regarding how much media has passed through the printer in three different ways:

The configuration label will also show three counters that are part of the Advanced Counter option:

The non reset counter cannot be reset and will measure the total from the time the printer was first used till present.

The two reset counters will allow you to reset them back to 0 when a ZPL command (~ROx) is sent to the printer.

For example if you wanted to count how much material  passes through the printer in the next hour:

The following information for the ~ROx command has been copied from the ZPL Programming Guide:


Reset Advanced Counter

Description: The ~RO command resets the advanced counters used by the printer to monitor label generation in inches, centimeters, and number of labels. Two resettable counters are available and can be reset.

~Format: ~ROc


        c  =  counter number
                accepted values: 1 or 2
                default value: a value must be specified or the command is ignored

Below is a sample of a configuration label from a printer with the advanced counter installed: