Using CPCL to Print QR (2D) Barcodes

CPCL QR barcode explanation.

The syntax for the QR code is as follows: QR CODE

{COMMAND} {TYPE} {X} {Y} [M n] [U n]

{COMMAND}: Choose from the following:
BARCODE Prints bar code horizontally.
(or B)

VBARCODE Prints bar code vertically.
(or VB)


{X}: Horizontal starting position.

{Y}: Vertical starting position.

[M n]: QR code model No.
Range is 1 or 2.
Default is 2.

[U n]: Unit-width/Unit-height of the module.
Range is 1 to 32.
Default is 6.

{DATA}: Describes information required for generating a QR code.
See below.

<ENDQR>: Terminates QR code.

"M" is the error correction parameter (L=Low, M=Medium, Q=Medium High, H=High)

"0"  is the mask pattern
"A" is the mode conversion (A=Auto, M=Manual)

 QR code Example

! 0 200 200 500 1
B QR 10 100 M 2 U 10
M0A,QR code ABC123
T 4 0 10 400 QR code ABC123