HC100 Media Darkness Mode

Media.darkness_mode:  This is a SetGetDo (SGD) command.

Format: ! U1 setvar "media.darkness_mode" "value"


"cartridge" = cartridge mode (no changes allowed)

"user" = user mode (darkness is set by the user, and the cartridge value is ignored. This value is used for all cartridges inserted in the printer)

"relative" = relative mode (the specified darkness value is added to the cartridge default value)

Default: "cartridge"

Example:  ! U1 setvar "media.darkness_mode" "cartridge"

  • Cartridge Mode
       - Default
       - Factory settings are used to set darkness
  • User Mode
       - Full ~SD, ^MD operation
       - Printer uses value for all cartridges inserted in printer
  • Relative Mode
      - Setting darkness + or - the cartridge mode (^MD, ~SD)




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Date Updated:  12/03/2008 07:22:51 AM