Setting Up and Defaulting the Wired or Wireless Print servers.

Printers:  G Series Desktops & HC100

ZebraNet Bridge's Network Setup Wizard should be used to set up both the Wired 10/100 Print Server and Wireless Print Server Plus Option.

This should be done via a local connection.

ZebraNet Bridge can also be used to set the print servers back to Factory Defaults.  In ZebraNet Bridge, right click on the printer in the Groups Management window and choose Actions - Default Settings.

The print servers can also be defaulted by sending the ZPL command:

^JUN - Default network settings i.e. ^XA^JUN^XZ

Button Press Method:

1.  Hold Feed button for 4 flashes.

2. Release and then press again when LED flashed RED.

3.  Hold for:  1 Flash defaults just the Print Server, 2 Flashes Defaults just the Printer, and 3 Flashes defaults both.



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