Is Your Ribbon Inked on the Right Side?

If your printer is going through the motions of printing but yet your labels are blank you can check to make sure the roll of ribbon you are using is inked on the correct side.

You can use a piece of transparent tape to check. Or if you are using labels that have adhesive on one side that will work as well.

1. Press one corner of your adhesive label to the outer surface of your roll of ribbon.


2. Peel the label off the ribbon and you should see flakes or particles of ink adhering to the label.

If the ink does not come off the outer surface of your roll of ribbon you can do same test on the opposite surface of the ribbon (side that does not come in contact with the label). If you discover your ribbon is not inked on the right side contact your distributor to acquire ribbon that is inked on the correct side for a Zebra brand printers.

Caution: Do not attempt to use ribbon with the ink wound to the inside.  Running the printer with incorrect ribbon can cause damage to the ribbon supply spindle and/or print head.