Printing a Short Dash in 0 font


Printers with x.10 firmware can utilize the re-map delimiter which is part of the ^CI command. Putting this into a non-volatile memory in an autoexec.zpl file performs the re-map when the printer is powered on. Here is the ZPL.


Click here for Short Dash (-) ZPL file

Directions:  Save the file in the link above to an empty or working directory such as c:\temp

Open a DOS or Command Session.

Change to the directory where you saved the file, type:

CD TEMP <enter>

You should see:  c:\temp

If your printer is attached to the parallel port, type:

COPY shrtdash.zpl LPT1

If your printer is connected to the serial port, you will need to set the mode of the com port first.

Example:  If your printer has the standard serial port settings and connected to COM1 type:

MODE COM1 96,N,8,1 <enter>

Then type:

COPY shrtdash.zpl COM1 <enter>

Change the com settings and port number as necessary to match the printer's settings.

If you are connected by Ethernet and using our ZebraNet II Printserver, you can ftp the file to the printer.

See this link for ftp instructions.

After the file is sent to the printer, you must power-cycle the printer for the new setting to take over.